At the Zoo

Today I got to spend a couple hours at the zoo with my son. It was pleasant…sunny and not too hot, not too crowded. I made a rookie mistake taking pictures there, though. Last night I was outside taking pictures of the full moon. I had my ISO set to 1600 for that. I forgot to switch my ISO back to 200 to take the zoo pictures. So every single one of them was shot at an ISO of 1600. ¬†: ( ¬†Apparently this causes the pictures to be grainy. I’m not planning to blow any of them up to … Continue reading At the Zoo

A Photography “Playdate”

This week I had the chance to get out and have a “playdate” with my camera. One of the photography books I’m reading suggested this idea. It was really fun! I took off for a few hours with my camera with no real plan of where I would go. I was surprised by more than one thing I found to photograph. I started in my own garden in our backyard. There was a horrible yellow spider that I had seen there the day before. Once I got the picture onto my computer we noticed the spider seems to be missing … Continue reading A Photography “Playdate”