The N Family Portrait Session

A few weeks ago I mentioned to a friend that I was learning more about photography and would like to get more practice photographing people. She asked if I would want to photograph her family. I was happy she asked because for some reason I was a little hesitant to ask people outside my family if I could photograph them. She, her husband, her three adorable kids and I met last weekend for a photo shoot. As I was driving there I realized I was nervous. I felt like I was getting ready to perform on stage. But as we … Continue reading The N Family Portrait Session

Portraits and My Garage Studio

I’ve been reading up on how to take better portraits. One of the books I read recently mentioned that a garage is often a great place to find “open shade.” As I understand it “open shade” means the subject is in the shade and is looking out toward light. So I decided to experiment in my garage. I threw a quilt over the back of my car in the garage. I had been looking for a colorful quilt to use in pictures but everything I found was pretty expensive and I didn’t want to use a family heirloom to throw … Continue reading Portraits and My Garage Studio