The N Family Portrait Session

A few weeks ago I mentioned to a friend that I was learning more about photography and would like to get more practice photographing people. She asked if I would want to photograph her family. I was happy she asked because for some reason I was a little hesitant to ask people outside my family if I could photograph them.

She, her husband, her three adorable kids and I met last weekend for a photo shoot. As I was driving there I realized I was nervous. I felt like I was getting ready to perform on stage. But as we got into the shoot, I felt more relaxed and really had a lot of fun. For the next few days after the shoot I couldn’t wait until I could get to the computer each day to continue editing the pictures.

I had scouted out the location the day before to try to see where the best light fell and what areas might be good to use as a background. We met a couple hours before sunset, so in a few of the shots I was able to get some nice golden light streaming in.

This family has a boy and two girls and I loved capturing some of the relationships between the three of them. Here are a few of the kids together. I especially like the one of the girls kissing their brother.  I had asked them to do this earlier in the shoot but it wasn’t until the end of our time together that we got this shot.

I got quite a few shots of each of the kids individually. Their dad did a great job of making them laugh. I was thankful he was able to do that since my mind was filled with things like – which lens should I use for these shots, what’s the highest shutter speed I can use here, do I need to change the ISO, can I get a better angle, etc. Here are a few of the kids. Aren’t they cute?

We shot in several different areas and tried to get a variety of poses. I had written out a sheet of posing ideas ahead of time, but realized later that I hadn’t even pulled it out once! There were a lot of poses that we didn’t do, but I’ll keep that sheet and maybe I can use them in the future. Toward the end of our time the dad suggested we could get some shots in his 1975 truck. What a great idea! I love those images. Here are a few family shots. Some of which are in the truck.

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