Fall Mini-Sessions

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been wanting to post about my fall mini-sessions but things have been busy. They are about to get a lot busier so I thought I’d better get this post out now.

After photographing my friend’s family in October, I decided I wanted to try to do a few fall mini-sessions. It was already early November at that time and I didn’t know how long the leaves would still look nice or if the weather would continue to be warm. I posted an announcement on Facebook and had openings for 4 mini-sessions a week or so after I posted the announcement. At one point all four sessions were filled, but then there was a cancellation because of sickness and one who just couldn’t make it. So I photographed two families on a relatively warm day in mid-November. I photographed each family for about 15-25 minutes each.

The first family was a mom, her 4 month old baby girl and her mother. The baby was adorable and in a good mood. When photographing this family, I found myself taking A LOT of pictures. I didn’t want to miss the “perfect” expression from the baby so I shot a lot. Probably too much. I discovered this later when, during the second session, I ran out of room on my memory card. I had taken over 500 pictures of the first family in 25 minutes! Oops. That’s too many. I put in a second memory card during the second session, but because that card was already partly full, I ran out of space on it! I had to “quickly” download all of the 500 some pictures from my memory card onto my computer. It only took 5 minutes, but when you have a family waiting on you, 5 minutes can seem like an eternity. Thankfully, I was already giving them more time than I had promised.

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The second family was a mom, a dad and their elementary aged daughter. The mom told me the daughter hadn’t been looking forward to getting her pictures taken at all, but you would never have guessed that once we got started. This little lady was the perfect subject and she had some great ideas for poses. It was her idea to get in the tree.

I had promised each family at least 5 images from the session but ended up giving more than that because there were so many great photos and I didn’t want them to miss seeing any of them. The biggest thing I think I learned from these sessions was to pace myself. Rather than taking so many pictures and ending up having to get rid of so many, I want to slow down and think and breathe. I think I will become a more efficient photographer that way. I also learned that I need to have more memory cards on hand.

As I said earlier, things are about to get really busy. That’s because I have winter mini-sessions coming up at a tree farm. I’m really excited about these. I originally posted times for 6 mini-sessions but there was such an overwhelming response to the post that I ended up booking 10 mini-sessions on that day and I still had a waiting list of over 20 people! I’ve now opened up a second day of sessions and am filling that with people from the waiting list. That most likely still won’t accommodate everyone who’s on the list so I’m actually considering opening a third day. Is that crazy? I don’t know. Maybe it is. But I’m really enjoying taking pictures of people and all that experience will just help me improve my skills.

Thanks for reading this. I’ll probably post an update on the winter mini-sessions when all the craziness is over in January.  I hope you’ve had a good Thanksgiving and will have a blessed Christmas!

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