What I Love about Photography

I have been learning a lot over the past few months. I tend to be a voracious reader and learner and there is so much to learn about photography. I’ve been reading and watching a lot online, including a short photography workshop last month.

I love to look at images from other photographers whose work I like. I try to figure out what I like about their work. I look at how I think they lit their subject, their composition, what lens I think they used, what settings they probably used, etc. There are so many fantastic photographers out there! It can be very intimidating, but I keep coming back to a piece of advice I read on one of the many photography websites I’ve visited. The author said basically to keep your head down and keep plugging ahead with your own photography, enjoying it and improving it all the time. There is value in looking at other photographers’ work, but at the point where you start to feel like your work doesn’t (or worse, will never) measure up, that’s when you need to stop looking at other people and focus again on the joy you get from creating beautiful images and keep learning. That may be the best advice I’ve read so far. Like most things in life, there will always be someone out there who’s better at it than I am, but that doesn’t mean I should stop trying!


Even though there are so many photographers out there, there’s room for everyone! We each are unique artists. What I love about photography is that even if ten people photographed the same subject at the same time of day in the same location, most likely all of the images would be different. Photography really has a lot to do with how the photographer sees the world and we each see the world a little differently than the person next to us. We’ve all had different experiences and have different personalities so what comes out of our camera will be different.

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