I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

In January I was strolling through my local drugstore when some extra-large lollipops caught my eye. They were the kind that have swirls of color and are almost as big as a small child’s head. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cute to photograph a little kid eating those?” It turned out they were on sale so I bought several.


Since that day an idea has been percolating in my mind to combine those lollipops, ice cream and an old fashioned ice cream parlor in a photo session with kids. So I thought, “Why not offer some mini-sessions using that theme and see if anyone is interested?” I scouted out a couple different parlors and chose one that some friends introduced me to over a year ago. It’s quaint and gives an “old-fashioned ice cream parlor” vibe in almost every corner of the shop.


Rather than just sending out an ad for the mini-sessions and describing my idea, I thought it would be better if people could see the look I was going for, so I put out a model call on a local Facebook group I’m a part of. I had no idea how difficult it would be to choose just one model from all the adorable kids whose parents responded to the model call!!!! I really could have chosen any of them and the pictures would have turned out great. To my surprise, though, the little girl I ended up choosing just happens to be one of three triplets! I focused mainly on her but included her brothers in several shots as well. They were so cute together. 🙂  The kids were so easy to work with and my little model had several posing ideas of her own that were great!


The day we were supposed to meet for the practice session they were calling for a 100% chance of thunderstorms right at the time we were supposed to be shooting. 😦 We talked about rescheduling, but decided to meet a little earlier than planned to try to miss the rain. Although it did rain a little off and on, there were moments when the sun was actually out. We just worked around the rain. Lesson learned – don’t reschedule because of the weather forecast!


I love the way these photos turned out and I can’t wait to do more of these sessions next month!



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