This Photo Session Was Meant to Be

It started with an email asking if I’d ever worked with adoptive couples before. They were updating their adoption profile and needed current pictures for it. It just so happens that I am one half of an adoptive couple and am very familiar with putting together an adoption profile book. In fact, my husband and I are currently on the fifth version of our own adoption profile book so I have a pretty good idea about the kinds of images that are needed for those profiles.

These pictures are usually the first images of the family that people who are considering making an adoption plan for their child see and the images help them decide whether or not they want to contact the couple or move forward with them toward a potential adoption.

They chose Smale Park as the location for this session. It’s a great spot with lots of variety, including multiple splash pads, large swings, a playground, waterfalls and the iconic Roebling Bridge as a backdrop. I enjoyed watching this fun-loving family play around the park. You can tell they love each other very much and enjoy spending time together.

A typical photo session would not include the family playing Break the Ice or playing with a parachute, but for this session it made sense. This family likes to play games and they do actually have a parachute they like to play with. Those are things potential birth parents might be interested in knowing about them.

I loved working with this family! And I wish them all the best as they move forward on their journey toward adoption. If you or someone you know is interested in talking with them about a potential adoption, you can reach them through their toll free number at 1-800-882-9318 or through Lifetime Adoption at 800-923-6784. Here is a link to their online video –

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