The Story of Our Wedding Photos

Way back when I was planning my own wedding, I knew that I really valued photos and was willing to spend more on photos of our wedding day than most other parts of the wedding. Photos last forever! The meal and the centerpieces don’t. 🙂  I researched and interviewed several local photographers and thought I had found a husband-wife team that would give me the photos I was hoping for. I wanted beautiful candid, lifestyle type images in addition to some of the typical posed shots.

Looking back, I should have taken it as a red flag ❗ when they kept emphasizing how beautiful their albums were. I really didn’t care about an album or what kind of leather was used for it. I just wanted gorgeous images that I would treasure forever where we looked relaxed and that truly captured our love for each other and the beauty of the day.

When the wedding day came, my husband and I felt that the couple intruded on our day more than we would have liked. They came across as a bit bossy with us and with our guests. I wanted photographers who blended in with the crowd and got natural looking images, but because they were often trying to pose everyone, we ended up with more images that LOOKED posed and sometimes a little cheesy.

See what I mean?

We can’t redo our wedding. (Although I’m not opposed to renewing our vows one day!) I’m thankful we do have photos of the day even if they weren’t exactly what I was hoping for. Please understand that I’m not trying to criticize these particular photographers. There were many other photographers who were taking pictures just like this at that time. They may have been the perfect fit for someone else, but they weren’t what I was looking for.

Although I don’t currently shoot weddings, I want all my clients to know who I am and what kind of photographer I am up front, so there are no unhappy surprises on the day of a shoot. I try to communicate as much as I can with you before our shoot so we’re all on the same page. And I try to be flexible and approachable so that if you want something different, you feel free to express that to me without hesitation. My goal is to give you what I was searching for when I was looking for the perfect wedding photos…beautiful, relaxed images that capture your loved ones’ personalities, emotions and focus on your relationships with each other.

Do I ever give my clients directions on how to stand or move? Sure, most people want some guidance when they‘re in front of a camera and, to be honest, candid-looking photos are usually somewhat planned.  But when I do give directions, I try to do it in a gentle way. I never want you to feel as if you are “posing.” I also hope to provide an enjoyable, fun experience for your family. Having your pictures taken should be fun!

Whether you’re hoping to capture the ornery smile your two year old gives you, the beauty of your daughter who’s about to graduate, or the way your son looks at your husband, I don’t take lightly the trust that you place in me to make beautiful images with your loved ones. And I promise I won’t make you pose like this….


And if I ever ask you to do this, please kindly, but firmly, tell me to put the camera down before someone gets hurt.  😉


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