Summer Birthday Sessions

My original plan with this blog was to write about every photo session I did. Well, it turns out that’s completely unrealistic! When busy seasons hit as they did this spring and summer and as will likely happen as we move toward fall, I can barely keep up with all the editing. Never mind, trying to blog about every session on top of that! So instead, I’ll plan to blog about sessions when I’m able to and hopefully give you all a small taste of the kinds of sessions I do and share some gorgeous images with you as well. 🙂 To keep up with a lot more of my sessions, be sure to like and follow my Facebook page at I post plenty of sneak peeks from current sessions there.

This month I’ve had the pleasure of photographing some really cute birthday sessions. One was for an adorable little man who just turned one. He loves to be outside and his parents wanted some shots of him at a local park. He brought along a bear that was almost as big as he was and wore the cutest pair of shorts. We added some suspenders and a hat and his dapper look was complete!

The other birthday session this month was for three sisters. All of their birthdays are in the winter and spring. Since they were little, their parents have had a birthday session for the girls sometime after their birthdays. They each get to pick what outfits they will wear for the session. They bring their favorite toy from that year and are photographed doing something they love to do. I LOVE this idea! And I think it’s fantastic that this family has done this since the girls were all young. What precious memories they are going to have from each year captured in all these photographs!

The youngest sister dressed up as Moana and brought her Moana doll with her. Isn’t she adorable?

The middle sister brought her LOL dolls and then dressed up as a taxi. 😎

The oldest sister brought her large Squishy collection, did a standing tuck (quite impressive!) and did some dancing in the street.

I had a lot of fun photographing both of these sessions this month! If your child has a birthday coming up, I’d love to capture precious memories like these for your family. My fall schedule is starting to fill up. Contact me and we’ll get something on the calendar soon!

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