Seven Things You Can Do to Have a Fabulous Senior Photo Session

Your senior year of high school is such an exciting time! It’s filled with lots of lasts, hopefully plenty of fun memories and anticipation about the life you’re charting for yourself. One of the fun memories many seniors choose to make is having a senior photo session. Below are some tips to help you make the most of your senior session so you not only end up with fabulous images, but also enjoy the process.


1. Choose a quality photographer and pick the kind of session that works best for you.

Anyone can take your picture, but if you want to end up with beautiful images that truly capture your personality, you need to choose a qualified photographer. Do your research. There are so many photographers to choose from. Look for someone who consistently creates images that you love! Also, think about what kind of session you’re looking for. Do you want to have lots of time, more than one location, multiple outfit changes and a lot of variety in your final images? Or would you rather have a quick session in one location in one outfit and end up with a few solid images to choose from? Either option is perfectly fine. You know what’s going to be a better fit for you, so be sure to choose the option you prefer.

Be sure to book your session early so you can choose a date that will be convenient for you. August through December is a VERY busy time for senior photographers so the earlier you book your session, the better.


2. Start planning your outfit(s) well ahead of your session.

Use the advice your photographer sends you to help plan your outfit(s). Some outfits may look good in person but don’t photograph well. Your photographer should help guide you to choose outfits that will look good.  If you want to, send your photographer pictures of the outfits you’re considering. We are usually more than happy to give our opinion about the outfits you’re considering. Be sure to TRY ON your outfits ahead of time. It’s also a great idea to take a picture of yourself in the outfits to get a better idea of what the outfits will look like on camera.

*Note – watch out for tan lines – if you have tan lines on your arms or legs, try to choose outfits that will cover those lines.

3. Take care of yourself!

A few weeks before your session make sure to drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep. Eat healthy foods! When we don’t take care of our body, it shows on our skin and in our eyes. People who model professionally know this and make these things a priority all the time. You want to look your best for your photos so be sure to take extra good care of yourself prior to your session.

Haircuts – Girls should plan to get a haircut approximately one month before the session. Guys should plan to have a hair cut at least a week ahead of the session.


4. Make a list (and check it twice) of things to bring.

Just like when you pack for a trip, it’s helpful to make a list to remember what to pack for your senior session. Here are some items you may want to include:

your outfit(s)



jewelry or other accessories

hair spray

hand lotion


safety pins

a mirror

bug spray


a snack

any props you plan to include in your session

Girls may also want to include:

bobby pins or hair ties
makeup for touchups


5. Iron your Clothes and Check your Nails.

The day before your session is a great time to lay out the clothes you’ll be bringing to your session to make sure they’re clean and wrinkle-free. If needed, pull out that iron to make sure everything looks as good as possible.

This is also a good day to take a look at your nails and make sure they are trimmed and look neat and clean. Ladies, if you’re going to wear nail polish, the day before your session is a good day to apply it.

6. Allow plenty of time to get ready and get to your session.

You’ll probably need more time than you think to get ready for your session, so schedule more time than you usually need to get ready. However, this is not the time to try out a new hairdo or makeup style. Stick with what you know looks good on you. Allow plenty of time to get to your session and map out your route to get there so you know where you’re headed. Many seniors come to their session with a parent and/or friend. Allow them to drive you to your session so you can focus on relaxing. Listening to your favorite music in the car is a great way to relax and get in the mood to have fun during your session.

7. At your session relax, trust your photographer and have fun!


Class of 2020, now is the time to book your senior session. I’d love to work with you! You can contact me at


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