Photography = Listening = Love

Excuse me if I get a little sentimental in this post, but what I’m about to tell you is something that I really feel is true. For me, photography equals listening equals love. Let me explain.

When I photograph someone, I slow down and really focus on that person (or people). If possible, I try to find out as much as I can about them before our session. The questionnaires I send out when someone books a session help me with that. I spend time several days before our session brainstorming and thinking about what the session might look like and what kind of feeling they might want their photos to have. During our session I get to know them more, monitor whether they feel relaxed, stressed or nervous and think of what I can do to help them feel relaxed and look their best in their photos.

So what does that have to do with listening or love? Well, isn’t that what listening is? Focusing intently on someone for a sustained period of time? And in my book listening well to someone is loving them. So here’s the sentimental part (feel free to skip this part if you’re not into all that! 🙂 ) – I love my clients. I try to shoot with my heart. I hope I always do and I hope it shows in the images I create.

I would love to take some time and listen to you and your family! You can reach me at or through my website at Whether you’re looking for a senior, newborn or family session, I’ll look forward to getting to know you and capturing you in lovely light.


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