2020 – End of Year Recap

So 2020… what a year! I do wonder if the expression 2020 will be used in a different way after this year. I mean we already have “2020 vision” which could still be used in the same way, but will we start to use it as an adjective – “That’s so 2020!” or even a verb – “She came out of nowhere and 2020ed me!”? Regardless, I think we can all agree this year has been like no other in both bad and surprisingly good ways.

Since the time I started In Lovely Light Photography in 2016 my business has grown more and more every year. When businesses were shut down in the spring of this year, I figured business would be down for the year and I would be lucky to have as much business as I did in 2019. So, I was happily surprised when I discovered that I actually did more business (in fewer months) than I have in any other year. I’m very aware that it’s because of God’s blessing and the word-of-mouth advertising from my clients that this business continued to grow in spite of everything that’s happened in 2020. Thanks again to everyone who has liked or commented on my social media posts, tagged me in photos and mentioned me to friends and family! Together we created so many gorgeous images this year! Below is a recap of some of them.

Senior sessions continue to be at the heart of my business. I love working with these young people and their parents and have so much fun on these sessions!

Lifestyle newborn sessions and family sessions make up most of my other work throughout the year. I love the variety in these sessions whether it’s photographing a mom and dad loving on their newborn baby in their home or capturing the fun, sweet interactions between family members during a family session.

Thanks to everyone who helped me capture good and beautiful things in 2020! I wish you all a truly wonderful 2021 and look forward to photographing you soon in lovely light. If you’d like to book a session for 2021, my calendar is currently open for January through March and will be open for April through June in early January. You can contact me at inlovelylightphotography@gmail.com or through my website at https://www.inlovelylightphotography.com/ .


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