Senior Superlatives of 2022

Last year I wrote a Senior Superlatives blog post for the first time. I enjoyed it so much that I’m doing another one this year for the senior sessions from 2022. I love looking back through the fun we had together and sharing it here! So here we go…the Senior Superlatives for 2022!

Best Spring Flowers – Every spring we have gorgeous flowers here in southwest Ohio and I’m always excited when seniors schedule a session in early April which is when we can usually capture these beautiful blooms. Take a look at these colors!

The Most Variety in a Session – This year I added a session that gives seniors the option to split their session into two different dates. I know it’s tough sometimes to decide which season to do your session in. Do you want fall colors or spring flowers or do you want to be sure you capture that great tan in the summer? Another benefit of this session is that we get a really great variety of locations. As you can see in these images we used a record store, fields of flowers, quaint downtowns, parking garages, graffiti and rocky views with a lake! These two ladies both chose The Deluxe Session and tied for having the most variety in their sessions. 😊  

Windiest Session – Believe it or not, we were dealing with strong wind during this session. The day was cloudy and it was threatening to rain. The rain held off until just after the session. I don’t think you can tell it was windy in these images. Thankfully, we were able to work around it.

Best Dancer Session – I love photographing dancers! They’ve spent years learning how to move beautifully and that translates into such grace on camera. This category has another tie because, seriously, I loved both of these sessions!

Most Fun New to Me Location – After more than six years of photographing people in the greater tri-state area, I’ve been to most of the popular spots for photo sessions, so when a senior asks me to photograph a new location, I’m always excited to check it out. This spot was one that I had heard about but didn’t know how to find on my own. This senior and her mom had been here before and showed me how to find this new-to-me graffiti spot. This is such a unique site! This senior hasn’t chosen her favorites yet so you’ll be seeing more of them on my social media once she does.

Best Re-Creation of a Childhood Photo – I loved that these senior twins wanted to recreate a photo they had taken together when they were younger! Aren’t they cute?

Best Wildflower Sunset Session – OK, another tie here… there’s no way I can choose between these two sessions. Both had fields of wildflowers and the sun setting behind them. I especially like that they chose to include cowboy hats.  When we can get right in the field with the sun behind them, that’s the best!

Best Session Including a Sport You Play – I always encourage seniors to bring things that tells us more about them to include in their session. For some that’s an instrument, for others it’s a car and for some it’s including a sport they play. This senior brought a volleyball net with her to showcase her love of volleyball and I LOVE how these images turned out!

Coldest Session – When your session is in November in Ohio, you just never know what kind of weather you’re going to get. The weekend before this session, the temperature was in the 60s or 70s and this particular weekend it was probably somewhere in the low 40s, maybe even the 30s if I remember correctly. This senior was a trooper! Her mom had her warm coat waiting for her to throw on between shots and she threw on this shawl I had with me for a few of the images. She’ll be choosing her favorites soon so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of her in the near future.

Best Use of One Location –We had originally planned to meet at Washington Park to start this session and then move to Piatt Park. As I drove down I-75 I realized something big must have been happening downtown. I always check to see if there’s a Reds game or Bengals game scheduled at home when I have a session downtown. Well, there was neither that night but there was an FC Cincinnati game! Since the FC stadium is right behind Washington Park it made the park basically inaccessible to us. There was really nowhere to park and people EVERYWHERE! We made a game-time decision (no pun intended) to start at Piatt Park instead. We ended up spending the whole 2-hour session there and honestly, we could have kept going and not run out of great spots all within walking distance of that park. Interesting side note – I almost stepped on a little bird in one of the alleys we used! (See picture below.)

Best Lying Down Shot – It’s probably no secret that I love shots where the senior is lying on his/her back and looking at the camera. I usually work that into the session at some point. This image is another one of my favorites. I love the bright color of the blanket and the Black Eyed-Susan behind her ear. This one even made it onto my website. 😊

Best Jewelry Styling – During this session I noticed that this senior had fantastic jewelry to go with every outfit change. I’m not talking about just changing a necklace here and there. She had multiple necklaces and bracelets for each outfit and they all worked very well together. As someone who considers it a good day if I remember to put on earrings, I was duly impressed.

Rainiest Session – I learned from this session that if there is a 3% chance of rain in the forecast, it still might rain – a lot. We started this session under cloudy skies and by the time we were 20 minutes into it, it began to really come down. We made the best of it and took some unique photos of her dancing barefoot in the street with an umbrella. We rescheduled the rest of the session for a different day and managed to get not only fun, rainy pictures but also some sun-drenched field photos, too!

Best Silhouette and Best Recreation of a Sibling’s Senior Photo – Last year I photographed this senior’s older brother. At the end of his brother’s session, we captured a silhouette of him against the colorful sunset. Well, at the end of this senior’s session, there was another colorful sunset so I grabbed a silhouette of him, too! His mom has a large print of the first son’s silhouette hanging on her wall. Now that we have this second silhouette of her second son, we may have to make it a tradition with her other two kids when they’re seniors!

That’s a wrap on the 2022 Senior Superlatives! I enjoyed meeting these and many other wonderful seniors and their families this year. I’m so thankful to each one of you who’ve trusted me to capture fun memories for you and your families. I hope you enjoy your images now and for generations to come!

If you’re a 2023 senior who hasn’t had your senior pictures taken yet or a 2024 senior, I’d love to photograph you! You can reach me through the contact page on my website at I’ll look forward to photographing you in lovely light soon!


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