Photography = Listening = Love

Excuse me if I get a little sentimental in this post, but what I’m about to tell you is something that I really feel is true. … Continue reading Photography = Listening = Love

Thanks for a Great 2019!

At this time of year I like to take a moment to look back over all the images of the beautiful families and young people I’ve … Continue reading Thanks for a Great 2019!

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Remember when…? Do you remember having your picture taken in school for the school yearbook? What I remember about those photo sessions is a photographer telling … Continue reading What is Lifestyle Photography?

So It Turns Out Print Quality Really Does Matter

I admit it. I am a bargain shopper. If I have a free day all to myself, you will usually find me second-hand shopping looking for great deals. If there’s a way to save money, I will usually choose to do so. But I think I’m finally starting to learn that there is some truth to the saying “You get what you pay for.” This winter I had two things happen that drove this point home for me when it comes to printing photos. Before I deliver a gallery to my clients I always print several images from the session … Continue reading So It Turns Out Print Quality Really Does Matter

2018 Recap

2018 has been quite an amazing year! I have had soooo much fun meeting and photographing new families. I knew I was doing a lot of sessions, but it wasn’t until this month when I took a moment to breathe, that I stopped and counted how many sessions I’d done and found that this year I quadrupled the number of regular sessions I did in 2017! I looked back at the goals I had written for my business in January of this year and saw that my goal was to double the number of regular sessions from 2017. Needless to … Continue reading 2018 Recap

What I Love about Photography

I have been learning a lot over the past few months. I tend to be a voracious reader and learner and there is so much to learn about photography. I’ve been reading and watching a lot online, including a short photography workshop last month. I love to look at images from other photographers whose work I like. I try to figure out what I like about their work. I look at how I think they lit their subject, their composition, what lens I think they used, what settings they probably used, etc. There are so many fantastic photographers out there! … Continue reading What I Love about Photography

Winter Mini-Sessions

For two weekends in December I had the pleasure of photographing quite a few families at a Christmas tree farm. I got to meet some wonderful people and photograph some adorable kids. Those sessions were a few weeks before Christmas. A few weeks after Christmas I rented a local natural light studio for an afternoon and did some early Valentine’s Day sessions. Every time I do a shoot I learn new things. I’ve started keeping track of what I learn during each shoot so I hopefully can remember to apply what I’ve learned in the future. Here’s a (somewhat) quick … Continue reading Winter Mini-Sessions

Fall Mini-Sessions

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been wanting to post about my fall mini-sessions but things have been busy. They are about to get a lot busier so I thought I’d better get this post out now. After photographing my friend’s family in October, I decided I wanted to try to do a few fall mini-sessions. It was already early November at that time and I didn’t know how long the leaves would still look nice or if the weather would continue to be warm. I posted an announcement on Facebook and had openings for 4 mini-sessions a … Continue reading Fall Mini-Sessions