So It Turns Out Print Quality Really Does Matter

I admit it. I am a bargain shopper. If I have a free day all to myself, you will usually find me second-hand shopping looking for great deals. If there’s a way to save money, I will usually choose to do so. But I think I’m finally starting to learn that there is some truth to the saying “You get what you pay for.” This winter I had two things happen that drove this point home for me when it comes to printing photos. Before I deliver a gallery to my clients I always print several images from the session … Continue reading So It Turns Out Print Quality Really Does Matter

2018 Recap

2018 has been quite an amazing year! I have had soooo much fun meeting and photographing new families. I knew I was doing a lot of sessions, but it wasn’t until this month when I took a moment to breathe, that I stopped and counted how many sessions I’d done and found that this year I quadrupled the number of regular sessions I did in 2017! I looked back at the goals I had written for my business in January of this year and saw that my goal was to double the number of regular sessions from 2017. Needless to … Continue reading 2018 Recap

The Story of Our Wedding Photos

Way back when I was planning my own wedding, I knew that I really valued photos and was willing to spend more on photos of our wedding day than most other parts of the wedding. Photos last forever! The meal and the centerpieces don’t. 🙂  I researched and interviewed several local photographers and thought I had found a husband-wife team that would give me the photos I was hoping for. I wanted beautiful candid, lifestyle type images in addition to some of the typical posed shots. Looking back, I should have taken it as a red flag ❗ when they … Continue reading The Story of Our Wedding Photos

Happy 4th Birthday, Miss K!

I love birthday sessions! It’s so much fun to have the opportunity to focus in on one child and photograph her just being herself. That’s what I got to do a couple weeks ago when I followed Miss K around the park as her pile of pink balloons floated behind her. She’s getting ready to turn four and she’s about to become a big sister to twin brothers so it’s a pretty exciting time. Miss K is adorable. She’s even done some modeling already so she had some cute modeling poses she wanted to use.  (Don’t you love the little … Continue reading Happy 4th Birthday, Miss K!