I’ve enjoyed taking pictures as long as I can remember. Years ago I switched my camera to Manual mode and started learning more about the technical side of photography. I love capturing the beauty of God’s creation, whether it’s found in nature or in a child’s eyes. I think it’s amazing how a photograph can stop time and freeze the emotions of a moment for us to enjoy for years and generations to come.


I’m originally from a small town in Ohio and now live with my husband and two young sons close enough to the city to visit when we want to, but in an area that still feels like we’re in the country. I like all kinds of music and currently have been listening to a mix of Andrew Peterson, Pomplamoose, We the Kingdom and Anthem Lights. I love chocolate and Chipotle and I’m really quite talented at killing plants.

If you’d like to contact me, you can reach me at inlovelylightphotography@gmail.com. And if you haven’t already checked out my website, please do at http://www.inlovelylight.com.

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