My Senior Superlative Sessions of 2021

Every year as the new year begins, I like to look back over the sessions of the previous year.  I’m so grateful for each and every one of you who asks me to capture memories for you, whether it’s of your senior year of high school or of your family! This year just for fun I’ve decided to choose senior superlative sessions. These sessions stand out to me for one reason or another as you’ll see below, so without further ado, here they are… the 2021 Senior Superlative Sessions!

The Most Fairy-tale Like Session – I always love it when clients choose to wear a formal dress for part of their session. When we added the backdrop of a beautiful church in downtown Cincinnati to this senior’s dress, the fairy-tale came to life! We also found an ivy-covered nook that added to the fairy-tale feeling.

The Best Spring Blossoms – Early April is usually the best time to catch some beautiful spring blossoms in the Cincinnati area. Cherry-blossoms, magnolias and tulips are in abundance in many of our local parks. Cherry blossoms provided a lovely background for this senior as she played her flute and a vibrant yellow bush added even more color to her images!

The Coldest Session – When you do sessions in November, you never know what the weather’s going to be like in Ohio. The sun was shining the day we did this session which helped, but it was still pretty cold. The last half hour we switched to a location where the wind was blowing a lot which made it really cold! This senior was a champ and braved the cold and the wind!

The Coolest Car Session – If you have a car with character, it’s always a great idea to use it in your session. This senior’s Jeep was a fun addition to her session.

The Most Colorful Session – It’s no secret that I love color so this location choice with plenty of graffiti was a lot of fun for me. I even learned some things that I didn’t know about graffiti from this senior and we got some additional color from the last of the fall leaves on the trees!

The Rainiest Session – It’s sometimes tough to know whether to reschedule a session based on the weather forecast. When we first met for this session, I thought we were going to miss the rain. I started taking photos and within 10-15 minutes it started raining which soon turned into a downpour. We ended up standing under an umbrella for quite a while trying not to get soaked! It wasn’t all bad. Her brothers and my sons got to play tag in the rain (which they loved) and we got to know her family a little bit better. We ended up rescheduling for a few days later, but this session definitely gets the Rainiest Session award.

The Best Mom and Me Picture from a Session – I don’t always take a picture of my seniors and their mom (or dad) but if I remember, I usually ask you if you want me to. (By the way, if I don’t remember and you want one, please don’t hesitate to ask!) This was my favorite this year. I love the tulips behind them and aren’t they cute?! 

The Best Sun Flare in an Image – At the end of this session we had a few minutes where we still had some golden sunlight left so I took out my copper ring that I always keep in my bag. Shooting through the ring is not easy especially with my biggest lens and I never know exactly what I’m going to get when I use it, but we got a few images that we liked that had these unique sun flares around her.

The Best Use of a Prop We Didn’t Plan to Use – There was a slight chance of rain during this session, although the sun was shining. Thankfully, this senior had brought her umbrella with her because it did start to rain during part of our session. Not much, but just enough to need an umbrella and it worked out well that it matched her outfit at that point in the session!

The Best Dancer Session – I love, love, love it when seniors include their hobbies and passions in a session. It tells us more about them and gives their session even more variety. When this dancer said she wanted to wear a pancake tutu and her pointe shoes in the session, I was super excited to capture some beautiful and unique images with her!

The Best Silhouette – The sun was going down and we were winding down this session when I noticed the gorgeous colors across the horizon. I asked this senior to hop up on a bench and captured some images of him silhouetted against the skyline. I rarely regret grabbing a few more shots at the end of a session and this was no exception!

The Best Recovery from a Wardrobe Malfunction – This senior’s session is so gorgeous no one would ever guess there was a wardrobe malfunction during it, but we actually had a shoe that would not come off her foot during a clothing change! The zipper got stuck and wouldn’t unzip so she could take the shoe off. Her mom and I were both pulling on the shoe and finally we somehow managed to get it off. Crisis averted!

The Most Unique Location – Here’s another example of a senior including a hobby/passion in her session!  This senior loves being involved in theater so she arranged for us to do part of her session INSIDE Music Hall in downtown Cincinnati. I’ve photographed many sessions OUTSIDE Music Hall, but I’d never done one inside it before. It was such a unique experience! A guide from the theater was with us, told us some of the history of the building and even let us take pictures backstage.

The Best Flowy Skirt in a Session – When this senior sent me the images of the outfits she was planning to wear for her session, this skirt stood out to me right away as one that would be fun to photograph! Flowy skirts are perfect for the movement I like to capture in photographs. Look at how dreamy these images are!

There you have it – my 2021 Senior Superlatives. I could keep going…there are many other sessions that were noteworthy for various reasons. I truly enjoy each and every session and value each of my clients very much! If you’ve been on a session with me, you know that I’m out there having fun every time and I’m always so happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed the session as much as I have! I’m looking forward to all the new clients I’ll be meeting in 2022 and look forward to hopefully seeing some returning clients as well!

If you’d like to book a 2022 session with me, contact me through my website at . I’ll look forward to capturing you in lovely light!


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