Busy Season 2017 Recap

October through December…the photographer’s busy season…it’s no joke! Things were crazy busy around here. Of course, it didn’t help that we had a very unexpected (but wonderful) surprise addition to our family right during the heart of the season! Feel free to ask me about our surprise at your next session. I’d love to share more about this little miracle with you in person. 🙂
Even though things were extremely busy, I still LOVED every minute of all the photo sessions and even all the editing. I’ll give a brief overview here of some of the sessions.
Fall Sessions and Mini-Sessions
Gah! So many cuties here!

Christmas Mini-Sessions
This year I hosted two different Christmas mini-sessions. The first group was in a vintage pickup truck that belongs to a friend. I was so thankful that she was willing to let me borrow the truck for these sessions. It was so much fun!

The second group of mini-sessions was at a local pioneer village that had lots of log cabins and some beautiful golden light in the evening.

Senior Sessions and a Birthday Session

That was a very fast recap of the fall and I had a hard time choosing which images to post because I love so many of them, but we’re already well into 2018 and now I’m setting goals for this year, taking a few more photography courses and experimenting with my newest lens. 🙂 I took a couple courses after Christmas and I’m starting another one this weekend. I’m very excited about the new ideas I’ve learned and I can’t wait to use them in my sessions this year.
I would love to photograph you and your family! What are you waiting for? Send me an email at inlovelylightphotography@gmail.com and let’s get your session scheduled!

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